Pepe and the Almond Reading Tale

  Once upon a time, there was a cute town on the shore of a beautiful sea, far or away, that no one knew, everyone in this town lived a very happy life, the people here worked hard and made a living by extracting fish from the sea and selling them. The sea loves the people of the town very much. Pepe and Şila lived in this town, two brothers named Pepe and Şila. Pepe and Şila's mother and father, like other townspeople, made their living by fishing from the sea. So they lived very happily in their little poor house. As the days were chasing, Pepe's mother said that he was tired of poverty and wanted to lead a better life, and his father said that I can earn enough to survive anyway, thank God we have everything, we never go hungry. When the woman heard this, she got more angry and yelled and kicked the man out of the house; She said to me, don't come back before you earn the money that can buy beautiful dresses and gold. The poor man went to the caves by the se